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Herbi Gassmann
Herbi Gassmann
Raised in Switzerland in a family of market vendors and fairground people.  
9 compulsory years at school. Unfinished training as an industrial draftsman.
5 years at the St. Gallen Academy of Art.
4 semesters of graphic and communication design at the Academy of the Arts in Düsseldorf.
Swiss Maturity in second-chance education at AKAD Zurich/Basel.
30 years as an independent graphic artist, designer, art director, creative director and copywriter. Worked in Germany, England, Italy and Canada.
6 months of copywriting seminars in Munich. Language studies in Spain and England.
Fascinated by contemporary art, experimental design, culture, literature and music combined with human behaviour in the areas of body, spirit, culture, nature and the meaning of life.
His life is characterised by a fascination of illusion&truth, circus&artistry, eroticism&sexuality, heaven&hell, environmental awareness&responsibility, hypocrisy&honesty, friendship&love as well as other spiritual mechanisms.
Interested in art and science as well as art and artificial intelligence.
In parallel with his activities as an organisational culturist and creative director, various further training
to broaden knowledge of techniques such as acrylics, 3-dimensionality, object art, collages, film and photography.
During a stay in Italy, Fernando Botero shook his hand and whispered into his ear: Create your own script and think a little commercially.
Works in Switzerland and Andalusia.
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